Life Groups

Our "Life Groups" are Junction City First Baptist Church's (JCFBC) small group studies which meet in homes, coffee shops, parks, etc. Groups meet similar to the early church in the first three centuries where small groups gathered in homes to discuss, learn, and grow together. Subject matter and discussions can range anywhere from a specific verse to a topical conversation with many categories in between. Whatever the topic of conversation and study, the focus is on Jesus Christ and sharing the truth in love, understanding the Bible in context, and discussing the practical applications for today. 

These groups are not only a great way for a seasoned believer to grow deeper in their own faith, they are also an excellent atmosphere and opportunity to invite someone who may be reluctant to step into a church setting based on past experiences.

So whether you are a Christian who already has a relationship with Jesus or someone interested in talking, hearing, and discussing more outside of church walls, there is a seat for you here! Email Discipleship Pastor for more details.